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Are you a jewels or jewelry collector and want to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home?

Are you a jewels or jewelry collector and want to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home, then you have reached the right place. Though we do not own a big showroom like Mercedes Benz Houston, but at we have wide varieties of precious, semi-precious and costume jewelry available. We carry a large variety of rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewels and jewelry pieces in gold, silver and in alloy settings. You can choose a fine piece of jewelry under your budget. You can shop at jewel companion with confidence as our transactions are very safe and secure.

Jewel Companion has a big inventory of promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and rings for the duo. Our designs are of latest trends that can fit for any occasion. If you are an antique lover then you will find good choices in antiques finishing as well. On your instructions, we can put precious, semi-precious or synthetic stones on the jewelry. The alloy based pieces are usually coated with fine gold, silver or platinum. Houston SEO service are our partner, they maintain our campaign.

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Real pearl necklaces are one of the very popular items at our online store. Necklaces with sparkling Swarovski stones, precious and semi-precious stones and American diamonds can make a good dazzling inclusion in your jewelry collections. Jewel Companion has collections for both men and women. Anybody can shop its jewelry on our site. We also carry fashion jewelry as they have low prices and can fit in anybody’s budget.

We carry jewels and jewelry for all occasions. Our engagement rings are very popular. Locket pendants are the second most popular item. You can put a picture of your loved one in the locket. We also carry a range of men’s and women’s bracelets, women’s bangles, varieties of studs and earrings and other jewelry accessories at our store. Birthstones, both in the settings and on the loose form, are available at our store. Just pick you setting, choose your birthstone and fulfill the necessary formalities and we will ship your item at your doorstep. Shopping at Jewels Companion is that easy.

People always get confused between, fine, and fashion/costume jewelry. Jewelry made with expensive metals, precious or semiprecious stones and with the fine design is called fine jewelry such as a diamond ring in white gold settings. The jewelry that is made with inexpensive metals and imitation gems are called costume or fashion jewelry. At Jewel Companion, we carry both kinds of jewelry with fine finishing. Modern costume jewelry is made with a variety of metal base, high-end crystals, cubic zirconia, simulated diamonds and some semi-precious stones.

Precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver are getting expensive every day, jewelry manufacturers are producing fine and fashion jewelry using alloys of pewter, copper, brass and coat base metal shine exactly like Mercedes Benz Houston with platinum, gold, and silver coatings. They use semi-precious or simulated stones in the jewelry to make prices affordable. Fashion jewelry is popular because they are low cost and very popular in teenagers. But those who want to invest in jewelry or precious metal will like to buy real platinum, gold, and silver jewelry. At jewel companion, we cater the needs of all customers. You will find new and latest designs in fine and fashion jewelry.

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The other major difference in fine and costume jewelry is that fine jewelry is repairable while costume jewelry is almost non-repairable. Even after getting special training for jewelry training not like the Early Childhood Development you will not be able to repair broken costume jewelry piece. Once an earring post is broken it’s almost impossible to repair it as the thin gold coating will turn black while soldering. Once broken, the costume jewelry piece becomes useless. The advantage of fashion jewelry is that they are so inexpensive that one can replace them easily. Few name brands are very popular for their designs and settings.

Costume jewelry can be classified into two categories, one is cheap costume jewelry and another one is nice costume jewelry. Nice costume jewelry is mostly a replica of fine jewelry piece designs but with inexpensive base metals. They look as good as fine jewelry but are far cheaper than the fine jewelry. That’s why everybody can afford it. Young girls, those women who work outside, will prefer to use costume jewelry as it is affordable and can be mix-and-match with the outfits. While older women, if can afford, prefer to buy fine jewelry, as for them it is not only a piece of jewelry but an investment refer to your bookkeeping classes too. At Jewel Companion, we cater the needs of both groups. is one stopped solutions where every jewellary needs fullfield


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